TA Manager - software for
  Trade Associations & Chambers of Commerce
  Membership organisations
  Website Content Management

TA Manager is a fully integrated Membership, Relationship and Event Management system with integrated Website management system. Designed to meet the requirements of a modern trade association, chamber of commerce or membership based organisation, TA Manager provides cost effective and intuitive management facilities for member companies and their customers.

TA Manager includes the hosting of your website along with e-mail and domain name registration services.

TA Manager Overview

The TA Manager application manages your business relationships and the content of your website.

The Members module manages your relationships with member and non-member organisations. Standard contact data is maintained along will the ability to define any number of additional data storage templates. This module also includes a Member Services Directory manager for business/sector Categories and Classifications. The Members and Members Service Directories are automatically included in the website.

To manage your website no programming knowledge is required, just a simple to use Windows application. The Basic module provides the management of the pages of the website. Home page, News page, Events page, Links page, Contact Us page, About Us page and the Dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are any number of additional pages that you wish to add to your website either permanently or temporarily. A Password protected area for Members is provided with multiple levels of access. This module is applicable to any type of organisation and would form the foundation of the majority of websites.

Due to its dynamic nature the software may easily be configured to manage many different types of data in connection with the relationships within the business.

A Products module manages Product details that your company manufactures/distributes and sells. The module enables Features, Technical details, Options etc. to be recorded and included on the website.

The Administration module allows you to define of the website style, menus, etc and to Upload the changes to the website on the Internet.

The TA Manager software operates on a Microsoft® Windows 2000 or XP Professional computer in your office on a single PC or networked environment with internet access. The website content changes are automatically uploaded at the click of a button.

The following images show snapshots of the TA Manager application.

Most pages allow the optional inclusion of GIF and JPEG images. Images are selected using the standard Windows file selection dialogue.

Simply click the Select button and then you can browse your PC or network for the image to include. Once an image is selected it will be automatically linked to the current paragraph and transferred to the website.

Uploading your changes

Once all changes have been made, the revised website content is easily uploaded to your website on the Internet by clicking the Upload button in the Administrative section.

All changes are automatically applied with no manual intervention required. The only requirement is that your PC or network is connected to the Internet by a dialup or permanent link.

Member details form

The member detail form allows a wide range information to be recorded and displayed on the members page. Company Name, Address and Contact details, Key Personnel, Company Description, Products & Services, Overseas Representation, Companies Represented.

Trade/Brand Names may also be recorded for inclusion in the Trade Names listing.

Up to 6 general images may be associated with each member showing anything from a product to a picture of the Managing Director. The Company Logo and an advertising image may also be added.

Member Directory

The Member Directory is the Associations Business Classifications for the Associations business sector and are arranged as a series of Primary Categories and within each Primary Category any number of Classifications and Sub Classifications may be added.

A member may be associated with any number of Classifications and Sub Classifications representing the Products and/or Services offered by the member.


The Products module within TA Manager allows the input of Product details, Description, Features, Technical Details, Options, Related Products and images for inclusion on the website.